Get SMS Alerts using ShipStation’s Automation Rules

June 6, 2013


Lately, I’ve been tinkering with the e-mail to text message option that most cell phone carriers provide. Using the e-mail templates in ShipStation, I’ve been able to setup the situation where if I get an Express Overnight shipment in the app, it texts me some basic information to my cell phone. Using the steps below you could pretty much customize an e-mail template to alert you of almost anything that can be filtered in ShipStation. The only limitation is the maximum of 160 characters that most carriers allow for text messages.

Of course, please check with your phone carrier for any additional charges you may incur due to the text messages being sent to your phone. These e-mail to text messages are considered “normal” texts, but double-check to be extra sure you won’t get charged any additional fees.

E-mail Template for TextsThe first step is to create an e-mail template. (Here’s a help article on how to do that if you’re unsure.) While I won’t go through the whole process in this post, here’s a screenshot of what my template looks like. You can see that I didn’t add anything much because of the limitations of text messages. I just wanted to be able to be alerted if I have an Express Order that imported so I can get that order out as soon as possible.

Once I have my e-mail template created, I have to create the filter & automation rules for ShipStation to know to send the e-mail. First, let’s tackle the filters. (You can do that here, as long as you’re signed into the app.) For my business, I have two different filters to create since Amazon and eBay use different identifiers for Express Orders. This is where you’ll have to look at your particular situation and build your filter to specifically reference your business and how your orders come in. Your filter may want to look for “2 Day” instead of “Expedited” or something different.

Here’s my Amazon Filter:

Amazon Store Filter

And my eBay Filter:

eBay Store Filter

Now I need to create the two automation rules. Since I can’t have one automation rule run on multiple filters, I have to create two separate Automation Rules to handle the Amazon and eBay Filters.

Here’s the Amazon one:

Amazon Expedited Automation Rule

And eBay (only the filter and name really changed):

eBay Expedited Automation Rule

Here is a list of common carriers and the email addresses you should use for each:

  • AT&T –
  • Verizon –
  • T-Mobile –
  • Sprint PCS –
  • Virgin Mobile –
  • US Cellular –
  • Nextel –
  • Boost –
  • Alltel –

If yours is not listed here, you should be able to search Google or ask your carrier for the email address to use when sending information to your phone as a text message.

That’s it! When you get an expedited order, you should get a message something like this:

Sample Text Message

Have any questions about the process? Or have some examples of amazing automation rules you’ve made in the past? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!