• Want to be in Holiday Gift Guides? Start Pitching Now!


    This post is contributed by Margie Zable Fisher, the president of Zable Fisher Public Relations, which specializes in product P.R. and publicity. Sign up for her free, award-winning public relations newsletter. Did you know that just one publicity placement can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales? A couple of years ago, one […]

  • Introducing Robert, our VP of Marketing!


    Hello, I’m Robert Gilbreath and, as you may have heard, I just joined ShipStation as VP of Marketing. I’m really excited about being part of the this team for many reasons: 1. I grew up with parents who ran a small business. I saw them struggle from time to time with how to best take […]

  • The 4th and Final Quarter


    It’s the first week of October. It is, officially, the 4th and final quarter of 2012. Thanksgiving is now just 52 days away, including today. Which means that you have 52 days until Black Friday, and then another 23 until Christmas Day. But… You’ll be fine. Just follow these tips and you should be a […]