About Celery

Celery helps you accept preorders. You can choose to accept the payment from the customer now or once it’s ready. Once the order is ready to ship, switch your pre-orders back to in-stock orders to get to accepting payments and shipping.

Celery Features We Support

Product Pictures & Weights
Product pictures and weights are imported when your order imports

Tracking Information
As soon as you create your label(s) in ShipStation, we’ll automatically send tracking updates back to Celery and the customer.

Customer Shipping Preference
We’ll let you know what the customer chose for their preferred shipping method

Full Customer Information
We’ll import the full recipient address (including their phone number) when we import an order

ShipStation ♥ Celery

While Celery keeps you accepting pre-orders and easily processing them once they’re in stock, ShipStation closes the loop by helping you fulfill those orders quickly and easily.


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