ShipStation is an Endicia Certified Partner!

Most shipping applications require you to obtain a separate account with an approved USPS PC Postage provider. No need for this when you use ShipStation! Your subscription comes with an Endicia account, so there is no need for this extra cost. This Endicia account is yours for no additional fee and provides full access to the following Endicia features.

Endicia Features We Support

Access to all Domestic USPS Mail Classes
First Class Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Post, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express

Access to all International USPS Mail Classes
First Class Mail International, Priority Mail International, and Priority Mail Express International

Flat Rate Pricing
Quick, easy, and convenient!

Regional Rate Pricing
Save big on short-distance shipping!

Real-time Rate Calculation
Easily compare rates for various USPS services

USPS SCAN Form Support
Provides quick tracking information and proof of shipment

Stealth Postage™
Protect profit margins with stealth (hidden) postage

ShipStation ♥ Endicia

All ShipStation accounts include an Endicia account for no additional fee! This is the equivalent of an Endicia Premium account and is a $15.95/month value. Ship via First Class Mail, Priority & Priority Express Mail whether your order’s destination is domestic or international.


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