Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

ShipStation and FBA – A Power Couple!

Most Amazon sellers know of the time savings and ease you can get by fulfilling your products through Amazon, but did you know you could have Amazon fulfill your other eCommerce orders, too? It’s a super easy process when you’ve got it hooked up to ShipStation! Once you have your FBA agreement worked out, all you have to do is set your products to “fulfill” and Amazon and us take care of the rest! Use FBA in the US, Canada, and/or the UK

Fulfillment by Amazon Features We Support

Add Fulfillment SKU to products in ShipStation

Update marketplace once fulfillment is complete

Receive status updates from Amazon regarding fulfillment

Checks inventory for products to make sure FBA can fulfill shipment

Set FBA and Service through automation

ShipStation ♥ Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfilling orders is easy with FBA when you have ShipStation. Simply set the order to fulfill when you would normally create a label, and we’ll take care of the rest! Connect with ShipStation for accomplishing fulfillment by Amazon shipments.


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