Groupon Goods

About Groupon Goods

Groupon Goods is founded on the same overarching principles of Groupon – connecting great deals to interested consumers. However, they’ve broadened their scope even further with Groupon Goods, so that online sellers can offer their products with great deals to online shoppers all over the world. Connect your Groupon Goods account to ShipStation so that you can sell with ease, knowing your shipping will be a breeze!

Groupon Goods Features We Support

Automatic Order Import
ShipStation imports your Groupon Goods orders that haven’t yet been exported.

Customer Data
Along with your orders, ShipStation brings in all the customer shipping information you need to create a label.

Order Item Information
Item information imports so that you can create packing slips and/or pick lists to pull the correct item your orders.

Groupon Goods UPS Shipping Rates
Use the special rates you get through Groupon Goods via our Bill to Third Party feature.

Shipping Updates back to Groupon Goods
As soon as you create a label in ShipStation, we’ll update the Carrier and Tracking information back to Groupon Goods.

ShipStation ♥ Groupon Goods

Groupon Goods provides you with a great avenue for consumers to find your products online. Get started with GrouponGoods today or connect your existing GrouponGoods account to ShipStation so that you can quickly fulfill your orders to happy customers.


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