Three Step Guide for Small Business Success | Part 3 - Sendle

Part three in our series on ecommerce success, we discuss delivery with Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service.

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Insights from Dennis Oates, Chief Logistics Officer at Sendle

  • Consumers remember a poor shipping experience over a good experience at checkout
  • Price, service, and speed of transit are the most influential factors for consumers
  • 86% of consumers now say carbon neutral shipping is important to them

Topics covered in step three include:

  • Why a returns policy is critical to overall customer experience
  • How to ship the way your customers want
  • How to reduce costs and environmental impact with appropriate packaging
  • Why your ecommerce can’t afford to ignore sustainability

“By committing to sustainable business practices and carbon neutral shipping, businesses have an opportunity to position themselves as the responsible option for customers who have many choices when spending their money.” – Dennis Oates

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