Three Step Guide for Small Business Success | Part 1 - Wix

Part one in our series on ecommerce success focuses on website optimisation with global web development innovators Wix.

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Insights from Nathan Archie, General Manager of Wix Australia & New Zealand

  • COVID-19 accelerated the pace of technological adoption by SMBs
  • Brick-and-mortar stores suffered massive losses during the pandemic
  • An online presence allowed retail businesses to survive and grow

Topics covered in step one include:

  • How to use SEO to drive website traffic
  • Which tools can increase conversions and basket size
  • How to understand the online consumer journey
  • Why building flexibility into your website saves you time and money in the long term

“In this digital world, the key to any business’ success is its website, which is the most essential element of any marketing plan.” – Nathan Archie

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