The Ultimate Shipping Guide

From consumer expectations to customs forms, learn how to stay in control of the shipping experience.

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Today, 70% of consumers say that the post-purchase journey impacts upon their impression of the retailer rather than the carrier, so it’s imperative to get shipping right.

Gain control over carrier rates, common shipping challenges, and optimise fulfilment processes to save time and scale profitably.

Arm yourself with the tools you need to make shipping work to your advantage.

Offers an up-close look at what consumers expect from their shipping and delivery service: from best shipping practices and values, to carrier and tracking visibility, you’ll get a 360 view of everything that matters in the world of shipping.

Takes our shipping insights and makes them actionable by offering solutions and tools readily available within Shopify Plus to immediately start streamlining your fulfilment process.

Shipping Basics
Covers everything you need to know to optimise shipping: from effective packaging, to managing carrier costs, to implementing freight services, and growing your profit margins.

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