Three Step Guide for Small Business Success | Part 2 - ShipStation

Part two in our series on ecommerce success focuses on shipping optimisation and order management with ShipStation.

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Insights from David Boyer, Asia-Pacific General Manager at ShipStation

  • When ecommerce accelerates, increased volume leads to greater complexity
  • As the business grows, operational processes start to break down
  • Automation and integration allow growth while reducing errors and boosting efficiency

Topics covered in step two include:

  • How shipping automation can increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability
  • How to save money and avoid bottle-necks with multi-carrier shipping
  • How your returns policy can elevate your brand
  • How to exceed customer expectations

The less time it takes to deliver the right product to the right customer with the right service, the more likely it is that your customer is happy and satisfied and will return.” – David Boyer.

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