Using Scan to Verify to Help with the Holiday Rush

Published on September 4, 2023
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During the holiday rush, shipping mistakes can be more common. These mistakes can lead to your customers not receiving their orders on time, resulting in refunds and negative reviews. More than 85% of consumers say a poor shipping experience negatively impacts their perception of the retailer, while 83% are less likely to re-purchase from a retailer after a negative delivery or shipping experience. One way to minimise packaging errors and make sure that every item in your order is accounted for is ShipStation’s Scan to Verify function.

What is Scan to Verify?

In Scan to Verify mode, ShipStation will mark orders as verified once all items in a shipment are scanned and then immediately move to the next order. This allows you to scan all order items before a label can be printed, ensuring you have only the items that need to be shipped, and nothing is missed. Scan to Verify also gives audio and visual feedback when you scan an item’s barcode, so you can detect packing errors and confirm that the contents of every order are correct. The video below shows the Scan to Verify process in real time. 

Scan to Verify in Action 

For Peachymama, Australia’s first post-pregnancy nursing wear specialist, ShipStation’s Scan to Verify has been one of the most impactful features for the business. In fact, since implementing Scan to Verify Peachymama has increased order processing speed by 400%.

“Scan to verify has definitely made the overall fulfilment process faster,” says Owen Bolwell, Head of Ecommerce & Digital, Peachymama.

“You are reducing human error by potentially picking the wrong item because [scan to verify] flags if there are any issues.”

Owen explains that “in our business, you can have different styles of clothing items but the same colour, which can be mixed up. For example, you could have a green t-shirt in a V-neck, but accidentally select a green t-shirt scoop neck, but when you scan to verify it will flag that for us, which is a great feature.”

Scan to verify has also helped reduce Peachymama’s dependency on manual labour, which in turn reduces labour costs within Peachymama’s warehouse team.

The holiday season can be extremely stressful, especially when it comes to shipping. It’s crucial to get your orders to your customers with as much accuracy and efficiency as possible to avoid any negative reviews or having to refund their orders. Utilising the Scan to Verify feature can be highly beneficial because you simply scan the barcode from your packing slip for your products to be verified, cutting down on the amount of mistakes made. By decreasing the amount of mistakes on orders, you will be able to save time and money by not having to reship orders, which is invaluable during the busiest shipping season of the year. 

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