10 Customer Engagement Strategies for your eCommerce Website

Published on January 4, 2022
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A well-crafted website can deliver a steady stream of revenue. But it takes time to turn those clicks into dollars. According to Hubspot, 96% of potential customers who come to your site are not ready to purchase. Creating a meaningful connection should be a main purpose of your site so your visitors remember you and return to buy your goods or services.

Here are ten great ways to establish a connection with your customers and push your eCommerce program into a higher gear:

1. Make it easy to connect. Be sure to offer customers a variety of options to contact your store, including phone, email, chat or text. Place these contact methods in an easy-to-find area on your site so you don’t frustrate your users.

2. Post reviews and testimonials. Customers like to know they’re not taking a risk when ordering online. Favorable reviews and testimonials can help them feel comfortable about purchasing from you.

3. Tell your story. Many customers prefer to order from a small business owner rather than a large corporation. Talk about your personal experience in way that brings it to life for a prospective customer (while maintaining your privacy).

4. Stand out from the competition. Rather than create a copycat site, try something different. This could take form in a number of ways, including bright colors, powerful infographics, or photos with different shapes, like stars or circles rather than rectangles.

5. Invite them to “keep in touch”. Ask your prospects to sign up so they can receive a regular newsletter, news about sales, or other incentives in return for providing their e-mail address. Then, be sure to follow up and contact them regularly.

6. Answer their questions. Include detailed information about your products and services as well as policies for shipping and returns. Post the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your website—a real time-saver for you and your customers.

7. Offer limited-time specials. Offering a “deal of the week” or a “weekend discount” is an excellent way to keep bargain-hungry customers coming back to your site.

8. Be active in social media. Invite your customers to “like” your page on Facebook or “follow” you on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Consider running a social-only promotion to increase your online sales. Posting on social media is an extremely easy way for customers to maintain a connection with your business.

9. Keep things simple. Keep your site navigation very clear and simple to understand. For example, tabs that say “Our Products,” “About Us,” and “Contact Us” help to keep things organized. Include a search function if you have a large line of products or services, along with a filtering option (sizes, colors, styles) if that would be helpful to your customers.

10. Make it easy to place an order. Include a link to your order form on all products or service pages, with a clear call-to-action (CTA). Use attention-grabbing colors and action verbs to influence your visitor to click those buttons and move forward with their purchase.

By applying these suggestions, you can engage your online visitors and build ongoing connections that can turn prospects into your next customers.

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