A FREE Beginner’s Webinar; just for you!

October 17, 2012
New ShipStation Webinars!

Are you just getting started with ShipStation? Maybe you’ve been around for a while, but want to get a refresher on the basics… either way, we’re launching a regular webinar event that will go over the basics of our platform. We’ll cover a ton of things, (bulleted list below for your reading pleasure) but once you attend a session, you’ll be ready to automate and simplify your shipping and order management! Then you can think up things to do with all that time you save. ;)

The Agenda

  • Adding the Essentials: connecting your store(s), shipping carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.), and making sure your information is correct within the system
  • The Orders Screen: using orders’ views, filters, & tags, how to use the loading dock, and automating shipping presets and services across your stores
  • The Shipments Screen: printing your orders’ labels, packing slips, & pick lists, voiding orders, creating return labels, and re-sending confirmation e-mails
  • Advanced Settings: configuring your printing settings, automation rules & their relationship with filters & tags, and creating product defaults

So, how do you sign up? Easy! Just go here, and fill out the form. You’ll get reminders of the session before it starts, so make sure you don’t let that e-mail go into the spam folder! Remember, this is a free webinar, so don’t miss out on all the goodies and tips we’ll give out during the session.

Our first session will be Thursday, October 25th @ 3p CT. (Need to convert?)

Not a newbie? Don’t worry; as we keep offering these sessions, we’ll have different topics available–ranging from new features to the super-advanced. Keep watch here and on our webinars page for more information as we publish it.

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