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Published on January 4, 2022
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We recently updated our user interface to incorporate some enhancements to the core framework. A few things you might notice:

  • Pages load and render faster
  • Scrolling long lists of orders, shipments, customers, and products is much smoother and faster
  • Changing views on the orders page is generally snappier and results in fewer visual artifacts
  • Your order view columns have been reset to the defaults (see below)

Remembering Your Order Views

We have made a fundamental change in the way that your order column settings are saved. Previously, these settings were stored in browser cookies which meant they were available to your primary computer, but not when you logged in from other locations (since each computer keeps its own set of browser cookies).

We changed our architecture to store these settings instead on your user profile. This means that you can move from computer to computer and keep your column settings! Unfortunately, this means some temporary frustration in resetting your views to your liking. We don’t like to require this frequently, but we feel that this change was a positive one for all.

We’d love to get your feedback as always. Please drop us a line and let us know if you notice an improvement in the general responsiveness of the ShipStation user interface and, of course, if you hit any snags.

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