Announcing Our New Integration With NeweggBusiness

Published on January 4, 2022
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Today, we are thrilled to announce our new integration with NeweggBusiness!

For those of you who might be wondering, “I’ve heard of Newegg, but what is NeweggBusinesss?”, it’s an extension of Newegg that specializes in providing business essentials to all industries. Office supplies, hardware, IT goods, office solution, the whole nine yards. With over 120,000 unique products, NeweggBusiness is quickly expanding its marketplace and provides a quick, affordable, and convenient online shopping experience.

NeweggBusiness offers online sellers access to:

  • Volume Discounts
  • Executive Account Management
  • Transparent Inventory Status
  • Lowest Commission Rates of any Major Online Marketplace

These are just a few of the many perks that NeweggBusiness offers for online sellers.

The integration between ShipStation and NeweggBusiness offers multiple components including: instant shipping statuses synced to NeweggBusiness merchant account, importing customers’ chosen product options, batch label creation of hundreds of labels at a time, and much more.

Selling on NeweggBusiness just got better with ShipStation and is now even easier and more efficient. Be sure to check out NeweggBusiness to learn more about their marketplace.

Not yet a ShipStation customer? We can help you streamline your shipping for NeweggBusiness and wherever else you sell through automated shipping features, batch label creation, and much more. Sign up today to access the best USPS rates, and dozens of our time-saving features!

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