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Upcoming International Changes: USMCA, Packet Rates, and More

New changes are reshaping international shipping. As part of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) Extraordinary Congress in late 2019, the framework for what countries pay each other to deliver inbound packet shipments has changed. This change better reflects cost structures. Inbound shipments entering the United States will now be set at a rate of 70% […]

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The Impact of the UPS 2019 General Rate Increase

UPS has announced the details of their 2019 General Rate Increase (GRI) that impact the following services, package types, and surcharges.

2019 FedEx Rate Increase Shipping News
The Impact of the 2019 FedEx Rate Increase on Ecommerce

Carriers are starting to announce their annual surcharge and fee changes. Here’s what ecommerce brands should know about the 2019 FedEx rate increase.

FedEx and UPS Holiday Fee Changes Shipping News
Important FedEx and UPS Holiday Fee Changes for 2018

The 2019 General Rate Increase hasn’t been announced yet, but there are a few other FedEx and UPS holiday fee changes you need to know about.

UPS-Rate-Change Shipping News
5 Facts About the 2018 UPS Rate Change Merchants Should Know

UPS this week announced an increase in shipping rates effective in December 2017. Here’s what merchants need to know about the UPS rate change.

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USPS Announce Rate Change for 2018

As FedEx has already done, the USPS followed suit this week to announce their own rate change that will take effect on January 21st, pending Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approval.  As expected, the rates increased year over year, but there were a few surprises.   The announced rate of increase is 3.9% for shipping services; […]

FedEx-2018-rate-increases Shipping News
2018 FedEx General Rate Increase

Nearly every year, FedEx General Rate Increase by 4.9% across all weights and zones. Here’s what you should know for GRI in 2018.


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