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  • Efficiency at its finest, Nova Module!


    We are excited to welcome to the ShipStation family. Headquartered in Oakland, California, Nova Module strives to simplify the world of eCommerce through system integrations, operating as an official SDN Partner of NetSuite (Oracle+NetSuite). Through smart cloud integrations and collaboration, ShipStation and Nova Module, LP will enable eCommerce sellers to streamline their workflow thus maximizing […]

  • Catapult your business with coolblueweb!


    We are thrilled to welcome to the ShipStation solutions providers family.  Founded in 2009 by Jonathan Martin and based out of Seattle, WA coolblueweb is a full-service eCommerce agency specializing in Magento, WooCommerce and custom development. Comprised of developers and designers with a keen interest in growing their clients’ success, coolblueweb offers a number of […]