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Published on September 12, 2018
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Marketers used to hold most of the power when it came to controlling their brand, but now consumers play an even bigger role. Two-thirds of a consumer’s touch points with a brand are consumer-driven marketing or information like customer reviews, personal recommendations, and past brand experience. Consumers are becoming more independent in their product research, and they expect quality content to be available online. Creating this content is more complex than it sounds, so let the professionals at BORN help you. BORN is an award-winning global digital agency specializing in creative, content, and commerce. 

The consumer buying process has become more comprehensive- so should your marketing strategy.

Strategy is crucial for keeping your growing company focused, which is why BORN will begin your ecommerce revamp with a solid strategy. Understanding the needs of your business and its customers is essential in creating effective content and UX. From there, BORN can cover your entire ecommerce plan, including:  

  • Content Creation & Digital Production
  • Data-Driven UX & Design  
  • Digital & Social Marketing
  • Data, Analytics, & Optimization
  • Maintenance & Hosting Services
  • Accelerators & Consulting


BORN specializes in high-quality images and writing specifically tailored for a beautiful ecommerce website so you can put your best foot forward. Whether it be desktop, tablet, or mobile- the usability and aesthetics of your website matter. A customer in the discovery phase of their buying journey may only intend to stay on your site for a few seconds. Make sure your most useful content is engaging and easy to access.
With less and less control in the hands of the marketing team, the content you put out there really matters.  Take control of your ecommerce experience with the help of the Born and ShipStation Partnership. Try a free trial with ShipStation today! 


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As a former ballerina, she's been in the ecommerce world for over 10 years, starting as a journalist and then moving on to manage content and social media for several ecommerce brands. When she's not editing or writing, she loves to make jam and bake pies.

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