How to Create a Sales-Driving Holiday Gift Guide for Your Website

December 6, 2018
Create a Sales-Driving Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are busy! Not just for gift-buying, but for travel, entertaining, and events. This means shoppers are on the lookout for ways to save time.

A great way to help customers and help your sales is by creating a holiday gift guide for your website. Here’s how a holiday gift guide can benefit your brand and a few best practices for designing one.

Why You Should Create a Holiday Gift Guide

Your customers need assistance knowing what to buy.

Over half the respondents in the NRF’s 2017 Holiday Planning Playbook said they use gift recommendations from retailers. Plus, 54% said they started researching for gifts in October or earlier.

A guide will make shopping painless.

Good suggestions will make finding the right thing quicker and easier, which will save customers time and make them happier.

Your site will become the go-to place for gift buying.

If you make buying holiday gifts easy, customers will turn to your lists for anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and weddings.

What to Include in Your Holiday Gift Guide


When you walk into a brick-and-mortar store during the holidays, the selection of gift items can be overwhelming. To make shoppers feel more at ease, provide categories for your holiday gift guide.

Common categories include price range, gender, or age, such as “Gifts for Him,” “Gifts for Kids,” or “Gifts under $25,” such as this one from ModCloth:

Modcloth Holiday Gift Guide

Shoppers want to know they are getting special, curated items for their friends and loved ones. So a new trend is providing gift guides for more specific types of folks. For example, “Gifts for Foodies,” “Gifts for Music Lovers,” or even “Gifts for Hipsters,” like this one from Uncommon Goods:

Uncommon Goods Holiday Gift Guide

SEO-Friendly Content

Driving organic search traffic during the holiday season can really increase sales. Research holiday-related keywords you can add to your gift guides to draw in holiday shoppers. Include descriptions of your products in your gift guide and who they are for.

In addition, the title and name of your page can help boost your SEO efforts. Shopify has a great article about optimizing your holiday gift guide, which you can read here.

Great Graphics

A colorful, attractive site, just like a beautiful spread in a brick and mortar store, will gain more shopper interest. Clear, high-quality product photos are important for showing product details. Consider including lifestyle shots as well. Seeing images of someone actually using the product helps shoppers move to imagining a recipient actually using and enjoying the item.

Holiday banners, graphics and holiday countdown timers provide visual interest as well as subtle reminders to get shopping!

Next Steps

The gift-buying season is quickly approaching, and now is the time to start work on your holiday gift guide. Make it easier for your visitors to become not just customers who buy during the holidays, but ones who return to buy throughout the year.

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