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Customer Story – Arda Wigs

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We have amazing customers who sell great products, and we love to spotlight them in our blog. This month’s spotlight is Arda Wigs.

Just one of the many beautiful wigs Arda Wigs offers!

Name: Crystina Williams, Owner

What spurred you to get into the wig business?
We have always been costumers, and we were in the community selling other products when we finally got fed up with the overall lack of quality from other costume wig suppliers. I decided that if other people could do it badly, I certainly could do it well, as I knew what I wanted and I knew what my friends wanted. It’s been quite a learning process, but we’ve always been committed to quality, transparency and treating our customers like friends, because that’s what we wanted in for ourselves.

From your Twitter feed, it looks like you get some wonderful feedback; what’s the most memorable customer story you’ve received?
We actually are far more active on Facebook. That’s where most of our customers come to talk to us and let us know about their projects and purchases, and leave us compliments and feedback. Most recently, a mother who purchases from us very frequently posted a photo of her daughter and all of her daughter’s friends having a slumber party in our wigs. It was really cute, and wonderful to see kids having a great time and getting creative with one another. We love being included in someone’s day like that.

A peek into their warehouse where they design all those gorgeous wigs!

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?
ShipStation has helped greatly; before we moved to Shopify and started using Shipstation, we only had one capability for shipping, and that was Paypal. It was extremely slow and clunky and crashed more often than not, and it caused us to have ridiculously long shipping queues, sometimes over three weeks, depending on our order volume. As our business has been growing continuously over the past two years, it was severely affecting our reputation for timeliness. Since the switch, we’ve been able to cut that time down do 1-2 days, and meet the increasing demand from our growing sales. Everything is faster, our customers are super happy, and it’s alleviated a lot of stress for everyone at the office. I really couldn’t communicate to you the difference the switch has made, but it’s been wonderful. We would never have been able to survive our growth doing it the old way.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?
We utilize the ‘On Hold’ status quite a bit, since we often have to place orders aside due to preorders or backorders. That’s been the most helpful to keep us organized, and was a feature we didn’t have before with the old system. It’s really very nice for bookkeeping and organization, and helps with our continued expediency.


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