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Customer Story – Ever Blooming Originals

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We have amazing customers who sell great products, and we love to spotlight them in our blog. This month’s spotlight is Ever Blooming Originals.

Colette Rennier, Owner of Ever Blooming Originals

Colette Rennier, Owner of Ever Blooming Originals


How did you decide to start making wreaths and door decorations?
For many years I worked as a Buyer for Williamsburg Catalog, but as a result of a job transfer for my husband we relocated to the Annapolis area about three years ago. At that time I had an interest in opening my own retail store but did not want to be tied down to the constraints of having an actual store front. It was then I decided I would give online retailing a try. After a bit of research I decided I would open an online store  and wreaths on Etsy. I opened Ever Blooming Originals in March of 2011.

What’s your favorite type of wreath to make?
My favorite part of having my own online store is coming up with a vision of something I want to make, and then creating it. I enjoy making wreaths that are a bit unexpected, and unusual. By far the most popular item is my famous Bunny Wreath, and now for the winter season I also have a snowman design that my customers are loving!

Collette’s workspace from which she creates those beautiful wreaths!

Collette’s workspace from which she creates those beautiful wreaths!

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?
The best part of having my own business is that I make my own hours. I generally try to operate my business during the day while my youngest is at elementary school. Each work day at 3pm I found myself scrambling to finish up with the making/printing of the labels through PayPal which was so time consuming and frustrating. Thankfully I found ShipStation and it has enabled me to create my labels in a much more efficient manner. I can now print my daily shipping labels in a matter of minutes.


What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?
One of my favorite features about ShipStation is the shipping ‘presets’. This enables me to quickly input the dimensions, and weight for each individual item.

Truly I am so thankful to have found ShipStation. I run the business entirely by myself, and my time is better spent on managing my business rather than the mundane task printing and shipping packages.


The holiday season is officially here! Pick up your wreaths from Ever Blooming Originals today, and then come back for more door decorations for other seasons!

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