Customer Story – FantasyJocks


July 9, 2015

We have amazing customers who sell great products, and we love to tell their stories about their business and how they use ShipStation. Today’s customer story comes from FantasyJocks.

Answers by:
Dustin Remy, CEO

Before creating FantasyJocks, was it even possible to accurately reward a Fantasy Football champion?


Highly unlikely. There is nothing like walking into your draft with the Undisputed, World’s Greatest, Fantasy Football Championship Belt on your shoulder. Cash prizes alone are boring. When you have a title on the line, sh*t gets real! Plus you get to call everyone “Brother” all night in your best Hulk Hogan voice. What can top that?

Do you have a favorite of the Loser’s Awards?

Probably the License Plate Loser Award. I’ve actually seen people driving around on the road with them before. It was pretty surreal. We are big proponents of implementing a league punishment into Fantasy Football. Nothing is more annoying than being in a league that has a handful of owners who’ve checked out halfway through the season. You should always set up rules in your league to keep teams dwindling around the bottom half of the standings involved. Hopefully the threat of a little public shaming is enough to keep owners on their toes.

Which came first: the belt, the ring, or the trophy, and which is your best seller?

fantasy football belt - black-gold

We actually started the business selling only Fantasy Football Draft Boards during our first year (2013), but quickly realized that if we were going to be spending money to acquire customers, we’d be foolish not to expand our product line. So we mixed in a few Trophies, Championship Rings and then our Championship Belt in that order and are always kicking around new ideas for fun, unique custom awards. This season we are introducing a Fantasy Football Jacket of Champions (think Master’s Jacket with a little Ron Burgandy San Diego class mixed in) for the more distinguished fantasy player.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

ShipStation has been huge for us. It was the first software subscription we added to our business, even when we only had to manage 2-3 orders a day. Our business is very seasonal, so having such a robust shipping platform integrated into our operation gives me confidence that we are ready to scale at a moments notice.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

I really like logging into see the Sales Overview page. Since we route all sales channels into ShipStation, it is a perfect snapshot to see total sales during a given period & trends. Also shipping internationally is a breeze. The whole process seemed daunting at first, but having customs forms filled out automatically with HTS Codes & invoice information makes the entire process really easy.

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