Father’s Day Ideas That Appeal to the Heart

Published on January 4, 2022
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Father’s Day can be bursting with emotion, and online retailers can gain customers for life by using that excitement to spur gift-giving. Here are some ways to generate heartfelt daddy sales:

  • Focus on a message. The popularity of Six Word Stories and “best Dad quotes” suggests a contest or platform where customers can write stories about the best memory of their dad, or his best advice, or best quote, or his nickname, or favorite story. Coupons and discount codes attached to participating are a win-win. Careful moderation of the comments keeps this idea fun, wholesome, and on-target. When people think of a good story about their dad, they have focused in on a memory that can be a starting point to choosing a gift.
  • Donate to a non-profit. According to the research from Cone Cause Evolution Study, 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity they care about and 83% of Americans wish more products and services they use would support charities. Partnering with a charity may be the extra nudge potential customers need to buy that Father’s Day gift. A good example of how an e-commerce company can do this is ShipStation customer The Created Co, which makes amazing mugs and drinkware, and donates 10% of their net profits to building water wells for those without access to fresh water. When Dad’s gift arrives, you can include a card or note detailing the partnership and the gift in his name. Handling all the gift wrapping and messaging together can help.
  • Sponsor a Father’s Day online photo board. Post a selfie with dad, with participants getting incentives. This can be a manageable short-term project, with a beginning and ending date. Promotional materials like business cards that are included with gifts can direct fathers to see their pictures on the online board. If you send email notifications to your mailing list of last day to shop and ship, you can include information about the photo board, and mention that fathers will be directed to the site with materials included with the gift.
  • Challenge customers to buy gifts for other important men in their lives. Suggest gift ideas for mentors, teachers, scout leaders and coaches. Any opportunity to make another person feel appreciated is a positive move for both sides of the equation. This sort of “say thank you to the men in your life” effort combined with Father’s Day is a way everyone can participate in the holiday, and can increase Father’s Day sales.
  • Consider personalized gifts. The number of print-on-demand online retailers has grown; a good example is ShipStation customer The Silver Diva, which makes unique and individual silver gifts. A personalized gift shows that you have put some thought into your gift, and have considered it specifically for the recipient. This type of gift needs a longer turnaround time but can be worth the effort. The Silver Diva is reporting a two-day turnaround right now. Bonus: Personalized gifts are generally not returnable, unless there is a mistake in the personalization. This will decrease your return rate.

Father’s Day can be a tender and sweet holiday, full of memories and laughter. Appealing to your customers’ emotions can lead to Father’s Day sales and sales for years to come.

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