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FedEx Surcharge to Increase for Large Packages Coming Soon

Posted on May 19, 2016 by

If you regularly ship packages exceeding 48 inches long via FedEx Ground, pay close attention the FedEx surcharge is increasing:

On June 1st, 2016, FedEx will be increasing a surcharge for Ground packages between 48 inches and 108 inches on their longest side. This surcharge will be $10.50 per package longer than 48 inches.

According to FedEx executive vice president, Mike Glenn, courtesy of Internet Retailer, “We are seeing a significant increase in non-traditional items now being purchased online, mattresses to new swing sets and big-screen TVs just to name a few.”

“We welcome this opportunity but it is important that we price these items accordingly to account for the operational complexities, such as manual sortation to person delivery, et cetera.”

For more details straight from FedEx, check out their Fees & Other Shipping Information guide.

It’s important to keep in mind that this surcharge increase is for packages that are OVER 4 feet in length and up to 9 feet in length on their longest side. That’s pretty huge. If you’re shipping smaller items, the FedEx surcharge increase won’t impact your shipping methods or cost.

But if you’re amongst those shipping TVs, whiteboards, desks, maps, posters, prints—anything at least 4 feet in length—be prepared to pay an extra $10.50. This will NOT appear in the rate itself: All surcharges appear on your bill after the fact.

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