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Published on June 7, 2022
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ShipStation’s core mission is to make ecommerce simpler for growing merchants. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we are starting a podcast called Get Ship Done. In this podcast, our host, J.B. Hager will interview successful ecommerce business owners to uncover valuable insight that you can use to become a more impactful ecommerce merchant. This season, we’ll introduce you to some extraordinary journeys from merchants across the world of ecommerce and beyond. 

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What To Expect From The Get Ship Done Podcast! 

Episode 1: Stephanie Duncan of Harmony Harvest

J.B. speaks with Stephanie Duncan, co-founder of Harmony Harvest. Her family’s flower farm in Virginia has blossomed into two direct-to-consumer businesses that really took shape over the course of the pandemic. Like so many success stories, theirs is about being in the right place at the right time. Learn how to stay adaptable in the face of adversity. And, as always, remember the sage advice that “mom always knows best.”

Episode 2: Joey Montoya of Urban Native Era

Joey Montoya, founder and CEO of Urban Native Era joins J.B. to discuss how his business took shape from a social movement on Facebook. What originated as an effort to bring awareness to protests for indigenous rights in 2012 is now a nationwide brand promoting the visibility of native people. Their purpose-driven apparel communicates a simple, powerful message: You’re on Native Land.

Episode 3: Rachel Smith of Pride Socks

Coming from a family with hearing-impaired members made inclusion is a big part of Rachel Smith’s journey. Inclusion is a big part of her business: Austin-based apparel brand Pride Socks. What started out as a side hustle has become a full-time passion. Rachel has taken the beloved, familiar tube sock and turned it into a successful business. Pride Socks are a statement piece that helps promote the message of love, pride, respect, and inclusion for everyone. 

Episode 4:  Shon & Alissa Bayer of Milk & Honey

The founders of Milk & Honey—Alissa and Shon Bayer— are a husband and wife dream team. They started Milk & Honey as a single-location spa in 2006 and since then have grown their business beyond physical walls to include a full direct-to-consumer and wholesale product line that has become a cult classic among celebrities, clean beauty influencers, and in many retailers across the country. Learn how they grew from a spa in downtown Austin into a multi-location, ecommerce sensation.

Episode 5: Chris & Dan Ratterman of Shady Rays

Brothers Chris and Dan Ratterman have turned their sunglasses brand Shady Rays into a favorite brand of many. Through marketing efforts like paid ads, Chris and Dan were able to grow their brand and highlight their amazing business model to consumers. They are “The Sunglasses Company that replaces all lost & broken sunglasses.” Let’s repeat that: They replace broken AND lost sunglasses. Learn how they’ve used this business model to help drive customer loyalty and increase sales. 

Episode 6:  Stephan Aarstol of Tower Paddle Boards 

When Stephan Aarstol landed a $150,000 deal with billionaire Mark Cuban on season 3 of Shark Tank, his company Tower Paddle Boards expanded and grew into a booming direct-to-consumer business that has since grossed over $40 million in sales. Author of “The 5-hour workday,” Stephan highlights how he was able to increase productivity and happiness in his employees by challenging a workplace standard that hasn’t really changed since the industrial revolution. Learn how Tower Paddleboards has grown into a thriving ecommerce company and how he has made his employees happier in the process. 

How to Listen to Get Ship Done 

Get Ship Done will premiere its first episode on April 5th. You can listen or download it wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Listen on Apple Podcasts
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