UPS Paperless Invoicing

Go Green with UPS Paperless Invoices!

February 27, 2012


Here’s another great reason to process your UPS shipments with ShipStation – UPS Paperless Invoices. Once this feature is enabled on your UPS account, ShipStation will communicate your customs information electronically – eliminating the need for paper commercial invoices!

The UPS Paperless Invoice has several benefits:

  • Electronic transmission allows customs processing to begin earlier, reducing customs holds by up to 56%!
  • Streamline your shipping process – you no longer have to send documents to a separate laser printer.
  • Reduce costs on ink and paper.
  • Help the environment by reducing paper use.


To enroll in the Paperless Invoice program, click here.

If you aren’t using ShipStation to process your UPS shipments, get started today!