The Importance of Video Marketing in 2017

Published on January 4, 2022
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Last year we quickly realized the importance of video marketing. Our Facebook Live videos we produced, gathered more engagement that ever before. Moving into 2017 our content strategy is designed around video marketing. When you see statistics like, 500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day and, 78% of people watch videos online every week, you quickly realize if you haven’t already jumped on the train, you probably should moving into 2017.

So why should video take a leading role in your content marketing plan? Well did you know YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web? That should tell you something. Video helps gain higher retention rates, 65% of viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video which is better than original text-based content. It also helps improve email click-throughs, engagement, and SEO to name a few. Not to mention the good possibility of increased customer conversions.

Now check out this amazing in depth infographic from HighQ which highlights why 2017 will be the year of video!


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