5 Tips to Improve Your Black Friday AdWords Strategy and Increase Sales

November 14, 2017

Black Friday is coming, and with it, one of the biggest sales days of the year for online retailers.

As you’re preparing for this shopping season, make sure you’re maximizing your Google AdWords investments. These tips will help you optimize your Black Friday AdWords strategy and make sure that your marketing game is at its best.

Spotlight Your Most Popular Products

What were your biggest sellers this year? Are you releasing any cool new products? You don’t have that long to promote your Black Friday deals, so choose the keywords you know will have the best return on ad spend (ROAS).

You want to be sure that customers who are looking for exactly the item you’re offering are able to find you easily. Plus, by showcasing your most popular products, you’ll also be able to bring customers in to check out the other deals you’re offering.

Highlight Your Best Promotions

Are you offering a spectacular deal to help bring customers through your virtual door for Black Friday sales? Include those deals in your AdWords ads.

Make separate versions for each Ad Group so that you can be as specific as possible. The more relevant the offer is to the shopper’s query, the more likely they are to click on your ad. For example, say one of your Black Friday deals is 25% off women’s clothing. Instead of just creating one version of your ad that says, “Black Friday Deal: 25% Off Women’s Clothing,” call out specific items based on the keywords in the ad group. When a shopper searches for “Black Friday discounts on high heels” and sees your ad that says, “25% Off Heels for Black Friday,” it will be more relevant to them than just a generic discount for women’s clothing.

Here’s a good example from Nordstrom:

Black-Friday-AdWordsKeep Your Budget in Mind

Each click on Black Friday will likely be more expensive than it is at other times of the year. That makes it critical to think about your budget when you’re designing your marketing plans.

For example, you might want to focus on less-common keywords to improve your odds of gaining recognition on a reasonable budget. Consider bidding on keywords like “discounted laser-jet printers” instead of “Black Friday deals on printers.”

Take Advantage of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions amplify your Google AdWords ads by letting you add more information about your store and products. Google offers several ways to enhance your search ads with extensions, including …

  • Sitelinks: Additional links to specific pages on your site, such as Black Friday deals
  • Callout: Extra text highlighting popular products, specials, and unique perks, such as Free Shipping
  • Location: Physical address, phone number, and store hours
  • Review: Ratings from verified sources

Ad extensions enable retailers to give shoppers helpful information at a glance. Plus, ad extensions make your Black Friday AdWords ads longer, which pushes your competition farther down the page.

Macy’s includes the review extension, location extension, and sitelinks in its AdWords ad:


Here’s a video from Google that shows how to set up ad extensions:


Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific search phrases shoppers use when they have a specific product in mind. For example, a standard keyword might be “smartphone Black Friday discount,”  while a long-tail keyword would be “64gb Samsung smartphone Black Friday discount.”

You should certainly bid on broader terms related to your products, but long-tail keywords can help you attract shoppers who are closer to making a purchase decision.

Creating a Black Friday AdWords campaign is a great way to drive customers to your site. By following these simple tips, you can maximize your ROAS and increase your Black Friday revenue.