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Published on January 4, 2022
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We recently released new features to allow our sellers to have improved visibility to shipping rates for individual orders. Unofficially dubbed “Quick Rates”, this feature will allow you to very quickly price one or more shipments based on the currently selected carrier, service and package. This feature consists of a few new user interface elements that reside in the order management screen of ShipStation.

Selected Order Rate

When a single order is selected, the standard shipping configuration remains unchanged, with the exception of a handy rate widget that provides the current shipping rate.  If there are any validation errors with the current shipping configuration, the message will be displayed in place of the rate.  As values for the order are modified, the previously quoted rate is “invalidated” and can be quickly updated by clicking the “Get Rate” button.  As always, if you need to shop for the best shipping rate, you can still use the “Rate Calculator” to see all available rates.

quick shipping rate

Refreshing Rates in Bulk

Given the numerous ways to automate and pre-configure orders for shipping, we wanted to provide a way to quickly update the rates on several orders at once.  Two new features provide better visibility to quick rates on a broader scale.  With multiple orders selected in the orders screen, you can now use the “Get Rates” button (located in the toolbar) to update rates in bulk.  The updated rates are visible in a new column called “Rates”.  As with the Quick Rate widget for a single order, the rate column will provide applicable validation errors so that they can be resolved quickly.

Update Shipping Rates in Bulk Shipping Rates for Multiple Orders

We hope these new features will help our sellers be even more efficient in their order fulfillment process.  Look for even more in the coming months!

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