New Blog Directory & Categories!

June 25, 2013


Starting this week, you’ll see one major difference in the navigation of the blog: fewer categories. We’ve stripped down from our twelve original categories to just 4! This new organization should help you find what you want to read more easily and will group related articles together better than before.

Socializing Shipping

Here at ShipStation, our number one priority (other than giving you a fantastic and easy way to ship your orders) is you, our customer. We love spotlighting your business, helping you grow, and all those blog posts dedicated to our community will be posted here. Things like customer spotlights, new ways for you to talk to us and each other, and other community events will all be in this category. (Psst, want to be in a customer spotlight? Let us know!)

Handling Your Business
(Business Advice)

We’ve got a lot of experience here at ShipStation in the retail and eCommerce business. Everyone has their own niche of knowledge, and we believe that should be shared with everyone so you can build the best business you can to support your livelihood. This is where you’ll find the majority of guest posts from our partners, like our most recent guest post from TaxJar, in addition to other advice we’ve gleaned over the years, and anything else we pick up from going to conferences and the like.

Inking New Ideas

We’re constantly working over here to get new features out for the app. Just recently, we added Canada Post as a new shipping carrier, and are working on a lot more to things to make your shipping processes even easier. Anything news-related about ShipStation, including innovative ways to use the app, will go here.

Packing Up the Extras

This is where everything else goes. When we have just a fun post, or something not directly related to one of the categories above, we’ll put it here. From things like new webinars to editorial pieces, this is where you’ll find all that “extra stuff.”

We hope that this change will help you find more relative content on our blog. All of our old content is still there, and we’re posting at least twice a week now, so be sure to add us to your feedly (or plain-old bookmark us) and keep checking back. If you want even more content, give us a follow on Twitter for updates throughout the day.

One last thing… we’re now on Google+! If you’re a part of the social network, go on over and give us a +1 and we’ll keep you updated on the news in the eCommerce world.