ShipStation 101: Branding, Part III: Tracking Emails

October 24, 2016


Last week, we kicked off a series of branding-focused ShipStation 101s. The reason is simple: we want to make sure that you put your best face forward before the holiday season really gets wild. You’re going to sell a lot of products on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and in the lead up to Christmas so if you can implement these branding tips, you’re going to look more professional and bigger than every before.

First, we covered packing slips. We followed up with shipping labels. Today, we tackle tracking emails.

These emails, historically, have an open rate over 100%. This email gets more views by your customers than any other email you’ll send.

So how are you going to take advantage of that? Step one, just like with packing slips and shipping labels, is to get your logo in that email!

Now that you’ve done that, make sure the tracking email is being sent from your own company’s email address. The default is actually, which can lead your customers to contact us for updates. That can be confusing for them, especially since we aren’t able to look up their order and get them the info they need! To send those emails from your own email address, just read up on this knowledge base article.

The basics are covered, so now we can dive in a bit more. Some of what we recommend here WILL require knowledge of HTML to get the best designs; however, we’ve done what we could to make this process as easy as possible.

First, does your product require instructions for assembly, a care guide, or anything of the sort? If so, the tracking email is the perfect place for it! Give your customer the information they need up front—don’t make them look around once the order is delivered.

We recommend including links to your social media pages, as transactional emails with these types of links had a 55% higher click-rate than those without. Plus, it’s a great way to build your community by sharing your brand’s social home.

But what about coupons and discount codes? Yes, tracking emails are another great spot for them (you might notice this is a recurring theme). Reward loyalty with 10% off or free shipping. Give this one-time customer a reason to become a returning customer.

Maybe you want to feature new products or hype an upcoming sale? Basically, treat the tracking email less like JUST a tracking email and more like a marketing opportunity. Your customer wants to look at this email, so give them something compelling to sink their teeth into!

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