Shop and Save with MassGenie

January 8, 2019


Social is becoming central to the way we experience our digital world– ecommerce shouldn’t be any different. MassGenie is a social marketplace that is changing the way we shop. The social shopping experience was created not only to be fun and memorable, but also to give consumers power in their purchasing.

Driving down prices through social shopping

With MassGenie’s “Power Deals,” groups of customers are able to drive down prices through social shopping. You are able to create or join a Power Deal, choosing from the MassGenie marketplace’s vast selection of over 5 million products. These products include brand names like Apple, Adidas, Vans, Ring, and more. Once you’ve joined or created a Power Deal, you can invite others to join. The more that join, the more leverage you have to drive prices down. Sellers compete to provide the lowest discounts to buyers.

Stop waiting for bargains

MassGenie is the only marketplace where the customer can initiate savings. When you find something you want, there is no need to wait around for sales and discount codes. Take control of your ecommerce experience.

MassGenie provides a community for buyers and sellers to come together, exchange value, and share experiences. ShipStation is excited to partner with a company as dedicated to ecommerce buyers and sellers as we are. Learn more about ShipStation and MassGenie's partnership and start buying, selling, and shipping more efficiently today!

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