Innovation Delivered: Unveiling Powerful New Features to Streamline Your Ecommerce Shipping

Published on June 26, 2024
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Automation, customization, and scalability are at the heart of any successful ecommerce platform. Keeping your fulfillment strategy running like clockwork involves a lot of moving pieces. Even the best shipping workflow can be optimized to cut costs and save more time. To always keep you ahead of the curve, ShipStation has been working with retailers and their teams to develop advanced tools to tackle new logistical challenges. After all, clockwork is best when it keeps up with the times! This is why we’re excited to announce a wave of powerful new features that expand and streamline your shipping functionality. Welcome to Innovation Delivered.

Our latest releases help businesses across the globe deliver to the exciting new places business takes them. We’re confident that ShipStation and its ever-growing suite of shipping tools can help you navigate the road ahead and deliver to as many doorsteps along the way as possible.  

New Ways to Automate Shipping

Efficient shipping is central for ecommerce retailers. Automating fulfillment keeps your business running smoothly while better satisfying customer demands. When you add new tools and features to your workflow, it should remove steps, not add them. Reducing unnecessary work is exactly what we’re here to do. 

These are the features that save you time and clicks: 

Inventory Sync: Automatically update inventory levels across Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy, with more to come. This helps prevent unexpected backorders and keeps shipping and fulfillment running smoothly. 

Harmonization Code Import: International shipping compliance is simpler and customs clearance is easier now that you can import Harmonized System (HS) codes from Shopify, eBay, and BigCommerce.

Google Shipping Data Integration: Get better delivery estimates and showcase it with Google Store customers for future shipments when you sync shipping data to the Google Merchant Center. 

Customizable Fulfillment Options

No two businesses operate exactly the same. You shouldn’t have to compromise a successful strategy you’ve harnessed. To make your fulfillment solution as unique as your business, ShipStation continues to create and fine-tune new tools that fit our customers’ distinct needs. 

Here are the newest features that help you ship your way: 

Add-On Marketplace: ShipStation lets you add the features to your acount that you need to solve shipping. Choose tools like 3PL integrations, Cubiscan, Dropshipping, ODBC support, and more.

Checkout Rates: Control shipping services and increase customer loyalty by providing transparent in-cart delivery costs on popular selling channels like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Wix. 

Deliver By Date: Maintain customer trust by meeting delivery expectations and displaying critical date information sourced directly from the carriers.

Scale Your Shipping, Grow Your Business 

Running a successful ecommerce business means planning future success—not where you’re currently at. When you manage shipping with ShipStation, you’re setting your business up for the long run. Businesses of all sizes leverage ShipStation’s tools and partner network to scale operations and grow sales. 

Our newest features and integrations that support growth are below: 

Custom Labels: If you deliver your own orders, allow customer pickup, or rely on other customized workflow, these branded, non-carrier labels streamline fulfillment.  

Ship with GlobalPost: International shipping is simpler with GlobalPost. Reach new customers around the world thanks to less paperwork, more savings, and an unbeatable network of last-mile delivery providers. 

Professional Services: Our shipping consultants will visit on-site or virtually to help you and your team reduce shipping costs, improve operational efficiency, and create a top-notch crew of ShipStation experts. 

This round of feature announcements for Innovation Delivered is just the beginning! We’re constantly developing new tools and partnerships to fuel your ecommerce success. Visit Innovation Delivered to learn more about these exciting new features and discover how ShipStation can help strengthen and grow your business!

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