International Women’s Day 2020

Published on March 23, 2022
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March 8 is International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate all that women have achieved and raise awareness of all that still needs to be done to achieve gender parity.

For many women, the entrepreneurial dream is alive and well. According to a recent ShipStation study, 67% of women want to be an entrepreneur one day. Even more interesting, 59% of women want to run an ecommerce business in hopes to become their own boss. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked each woman-owned business what female empowerment means to them.

68% of women believe they would be happier as an entrepreneur.

Stacy Franklin. Co-Founder and COO Frankling BBQ

 “The next generation of women in business will be more confident and empowered from the beginning. It won’t take them years for them to trust their own guts. I’m excited to see that.”

46% already have a side hustle selling products online.

Jen Lewis Founder Purse and Clutch

 “Female empowerment to me is the freedom to choose the path that a woman wants to take, however that looks like.” 

69% of women believe supporting female-founded brands is one of the best ways to support gender equality.

Emily Butler Owner and Founder Good Hippie

   “Female empowerment means to be part of a revolution. I’m not in business as a woman. I’m in the business of changing things, making big ideas happen for all of us.” 

44% say they consider whether a brand is female-founded when making purchase decisions, with 62% agreeing they care more about this today than they did five years ago.

Chantal Strasburger Owner and Founder Read Receipts

  “Advice I’d give to young women looking to start their own business is to just get out there and get started. You can’t second guess things.” 

89% of women say they like to support female-founded brands.

Let’s all be #EachforEqual.

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