Introducing Spark Shipping, ShipStation’s Newest Integration

Published on January 4, 2022
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Our new partnership with Spark Shipping makes it easier than ever to work with your suppliers.

Born out the need for automation discovered in their own eCommerce sites, Spark Shipping understands the internal processes of online business. Spark Shipping has automated nearly every interaction with your suppliers—from updating inventory to receiving tracking and shipment information, Spark Shipping has streamlined this time consuming process. Users will be able to efficiently interact with the warehouses, distributors and manufactures to receive orders and keep their inventory constantly updated and organized.

With this new integration, our users will be able to route orders to 3rd party vendors in any format they require, including API, Web Service, EDI, CSV etc.. Spark Shipping can also split orders between ShipStation and a 3rd party vendor, making it even easier to determine where an order will be handled. Spark Shipping works with ShipStation to send the correct items to the corresponding vendor without showing your full inventory-only the specific items within the order.

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Sydney Hayes

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