Jamersan’s New Ebook Is Bursting With Tips And Tricks For Ecommerce Businesses

Published on April 14, 2022
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Jamersan has been helping business owners get more out of ecommerce for over 20 years. With decades of trial and error, experience, and expertise they have produced an ebook that promises to help growing ecommerce sellers ask the right questions to get the most out of their growth. The ebook goes hand-in-hand with the video series which follows a specific company as they progress through their makeover. 

Jamersan clearly states that this is no cut-and-dry manual for how to perform a makeover on your ecommerce store. Instead this ebook explores how to ask the right questions—and what questions might be the right questions—to ask while creating your own transformation plan. Bypassing any superficial changes, Jamersan focuses in on the deeper, more impactful changes an ecommerce business can make to boost business value and customer value, with more of a focus on customer conversion over customer acquisition strategy. 

Key Takeaways For Ecommerce Sellers From Jamersan’s Ebook

The “Ecommerce Makeover” ebook and video series covers each layer of the ecommerce business as well as tools, services, and platforms that are able to fulfill specific needs at each of these layers. Ecommerce businesses are meant to assess whether or not any given tactic would truly create value for their business or customers and divert their energy toward their most impactful tasks.

Here is the list of products / platforms / services / companies that Jamersan covers throughout the “Ecommerce Makeover” ebook, explaining in a brief but helpful way what exactly each company brings to the table.

  • BigCommerce
  • ShipperHQ
  • ShipStation
  • Gorgias
  • Klevu
  • Klaviyo
  • JustUno
  • Recharge
  • Avalara
  • Stamped

Many of these companies are also offering major discounts and extended trials to readers of the ebook, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you have wanted to try any of these products for your own ecommerce business. 

ShipStation’s Chapter Of Jamersan’s “Ecommerce Makeover” Ebook

ShipStation enters the ebook at Chapter 4 which is specifically about order management. This chapter is all about creating value at every step of the process and meeting or exceeding customer expectations. An often overlooked area of growth for ecommerce businesses who are earlier in their growth journey, Jamersan explains that there is a lot of opportunity for value creation at this layer of the business. 

Jamersan focuses on the concept of customer expectations—they all have them, and an ecommerce seller’s job is to communicate clearly, set expectations clearly, and follow through on the expectations they set. This means keeping transparency and visibility throughout the process and communicating what to expect regarding shipping or pickup. Customers deserve this information in order to be able to plan accordingly. 

For example, a customer who paid for expedited shipping expects a package to leave from the warehouse quickly unless otherwise stated, else they might feel duped when a package leaves days later, making the extra fees they paid for faster shipping pointless because the product did not arrive according to expectations. 

In a real-world example, Jamersan references Bulk Candy Store—the same company that undergoes an ecommerce makeover in the video series—and the ways they successfully use ShipStation to modernize their shipping and order fulfillment. 

With shipping automation, warehouse workers are automatically informed when a package is heat-sensitive and requires an ice pack. They are able to use ShipStation across all of the platforms they use to sell including BigCommerce, Walmart, Amazon, Etsy, etc. Plus, they’re able to boost their customer’s experience with the company through custom-branded shipping update emails that lead to a branded tracking portal and offer a smooth experience with only Bulk Candy Store. 

Jamersan sums up Bulk Candy Store’s process using ShipStation clearly and concisely:

“…orders placed online (and other marketplaces/channels) are automatically pulled in to ShipStation, shipping labels and packing lists are created and printed from ShipStation, ShipStation sends shipment tracking information and order status out to the store so that customers are notified”

It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

Check out Jamersan’s Ecommerce Makeover ebook for a host of great deals and helpful info for ecommerce businesses of any size.

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