How James and James Fulfilment and ShipStation support the UK Merchant


April 15, 2021

James & James Headquarters Feature

The Founding Story

James & James Founder

In 2010, James Hyde, co-founder of James and James Fulfilment, was struggling to find a suitable fulfilment provider for the online honey seller he was working for at the time. Every fulfilment provider on the market ran on paper-based systems with limited traditional distribution processes. No solutions at the time offered web-based technology to connect with ecommerce platforms, such as ShipStation, to process orders automatically. In his quest for an efficient provider, James saw an opportunity to meet the gap in the market.

The result was ControlPort, a cloud-based order fulfilment platform. With the ability to retrieve orders from online stores in real-time (rather than from a delayed CSV upload), manage the pick and pack process without paper (increasing accuracy and efficiency), and providing both online stores and their customers with live information on their inventory and orders. This innovative, one-of-a-kind solution quickly took off. 

Fast forward to the present, James and James is now one of the fastest-growing organisations in the UK, with operations extending to the US. In spring 2020, the company celebrated its tenth birthday with an external investment of £11 million from private equity firm, LDC. And, as a result of growing export sales 1,700% over five years, won a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise. 

The James and James Solution 

James and James Fulfilment provides outsourced fulfilment services to online retailers and its award-winning ControlPort software makes it simple for businesses to operate across the UK, US and soon – EU. The mission of James and James is to challenge the industry, create change for the better, and confidently deliver over 100 million orders to happy customers. Giving their clients a competitive edge to confidently scale their business, the fulfilment provider offers innovative solutions to deliver on its promises. 

ShipStation Integration Serves the UK Merchant

The James and James software integrates with ecommerce platforms, like ShipStation, allowing online merchants to fulfil orders from multiple channels within a single system. The ability to seamlessly integrate two vital softwares is invaluable to James and James clients. Through the partnership, James and James is able to recommend ShipStation to its clients, helping solve unique merchant problems. 

“The ShipStation solution we can provide to our clients is cost-effective and easy to setup. It mirrors what we’re trying to achieve with our onboarding process.”

Nathalie, Onboarding Manager at James and James

The free trial nature of ShipStation allows James and James clients to confidently explore the shipping solution for their business. The UK ShipStation team lends a level of support that offers peace of mind to any onboarding James and James clients. 

Frau Green Testimonial

James and James client and ShipStation user, Frau Green, is an inventory of arts & craft supplies connected to international marketplaces across the globe. We connected with Sophie Green, the owner & director of Frau Green, to ask about the ShipStation onboarding experience through James and James Fulfilment. See what she had to share!

Why did you choose ShipStation?

Sophie: “ShipStation was recommended by James and James Fulfilment as a method to connect my orders within their system. I was a bit apprehensive about setting up a new shipping solution, but I soon discovered that not only is Shipstation beneficial for the connection with James and James, but it revolutionised how we process orders in the office.”

“ShipStation allows us to quickly, and in bulk, process and print labels. The connection with all of our marketplaces means we don’t have to copy and paste addresses into a label program anymore. The ‘End of Day’ feature allows us to print a manifest instantly, instead of counting and weighing parcels and inputting the data into Royal Mail.”

“ShipStation is the most efficient shipping solution we’ve ever used, and I wish we had found it earlier!”

Sophie Green, Owner & Director of Frau Green
Frau Green Craft Kit

Is ShipStation easy to onboard?

Sophie: “Yes, it’s very easy to understand, and it was great to have personalised guidance from Max at ShipStation, who walked us through the setup and was quick to answer any queries. For other questions, I’ve found the live chat very helpful, and they often follow up to check everything is running smoothly.”

Is ShipStation cost-effective?

Sophie: “Absolutely! It’s always a concern to introduce a new cost into a business, but we are saving money on barcoded products from Royal Mail. Additionally, being able to access tracking information online and to check the status of all marketplace orders at a glance has been invaluable.”

What are your top three favourite features within ShipStation?

Sophie: “I find ShipStation’s interface faster than using the marketplaces themselves, so it’s normally my point of call to check order info and tracking for previous orders. I also like that it alerts you to multiple orders from a customer that can be combined to save on postage.”

Final thoughts on Shipstation’s integration with James and James?

Sophie: “The connection with James and James’ system is seamless. ShipStation is able to run in the background without any issues. James and James retrieves the order information from Shipstation and in turn, they send the tracking information back to ShipStation. It’s effortless.”

ShipStation For The UK Merchant 

ShipStation’s features and integrations are designed and tailored to specifically serve the UK merchant. We’re happy to partner with James and James Fulfilment in order to better serve UK businesses, both big and small.

James & James Warehouse Team