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Published on January 4, 2022
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YouTube has over 105 million users searching their platform for brand related content. The platform offers companies the opportunity to create channels to better reach their audience with a few options: brand channels and custom brand channels.

A brand channel is cost-free and offers branding features that include a large header, background image and the ability to add remarketing or impression tags. A custom brand channel is the highest level of brand channel customization made available via gadgets. This channel offers interactive applications that display content and engage users.

These channels provide a straightforward way for users to interact with your brand. By viewing your videos, they may comment, read previous comments, and share your content via social media. Through the channel, the brand can moderate content and target specific audiences. The results are then reported through YouTube’s analytics to the brand, displaying what is performing best and what might need tweaking. Here are the top 10 of the world’s leading brands that have a YouTube brand channel, and what they have done to make the list:

#1: Vat19 (3,773,556 subscribers and 3,143,409,302 views)

Vat19 provides product videos for interesting and exciting products. They harness the curiosity of users searching for unique gifts and give them awesome videos about the gifts. The Vat19 brand capitalizes on all things video related allowing them to rack up new views daily.

#2: Monster High (1,143,657 subscribers and 827,307,676 views)

Mattel captures younger audiences by providing webisodes, product guides, and other entertaining video content. The key to Monster High’s success lies within their specialization in the toy industry. Monster High simply provides large amounts of high-quality videos leading to its popularity.

#3: Nintendo (2,767,353 subscribers and 772,536,087 views)

Nintendo is known universally for their games. The brand entered the YouTube sphere years ago and has does exceptionally well by providing how to’s and game demos for users on an active and predictable schedule.

#4: Ever After High (767,969 subscribers and 389,153,186 views)

Ever After High displays happily ever after videos centered around well-known fairy tales. The brand succeeds because it knows its audience and provides specific videos for the users who love legendary fairy tales. The videos are high quality and entertaining to boot.

#5: Viral Hog (146,000 subscribers and 319,594,865 views)

The Viral Hog brand provides the most popular videos on the web for viewing and for purchase. Since Viral Hog’s primary objective is sharing viral videos, they have a natural advantage over other brands who need to find innovative methods to market via Internet video.

#6: Elliot Hulse’s Strength Camp (1,724,514 subscribers and 313,986,330 views)

This fitness brand provides strength training, bodybuilding, power-lifting, and Yoga videos for users who are searching in the health-related fields. Its unique selling point: our videos help one become a Stronger Version of Ourselves. This brand knows its market well, and provides precise videos targeted to the user in need of fitness support.

#7: (1,762,593 subscribers and 262,190,698 views) has captured health-minded users attention by providing fitness tools and tips via their brand channel. THe “Your transformation is’s passion” tagline grabbed and has retained hundreds of thousands of users. The key to’s success is that it integrates its YouTube strategies with its traditional content marketing strategy.

#8: Guitar Center (522,939 subscribers and 253,455,060 views)

By offering artist interviews, instrumental demos, and other performances, Guitar Center captures a vast majority of musically-inclined users’ attention. By linking its YouTube channel to the brand’s other social media platforms, it has been more successful.

#9: Shopkins World Cartoons for Children (354,809 subscribers and 246,171,976 views)

Shopkins capitalizes on the fact that children love videos about anything toy and candy related. The videos Shopkins creates are undeniably entertaining for kids. The brand delivers up-to-date videos regularly to grab and retain viewer attention, thus resulting in a large audience.

#10: NCIX Tech Tips (1,116,674 subscribers and 226,394,383 views)

NCIX is a Canadian tech retailer. The brand provides news, reviews, product guides, and tutorials for users interested in the tech world. By offering users a wide range of videos that are both high quality and informative, NCIX remains the leader in the tech field’s YouTube presence.

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Moving Forward

Videos are not only for entertainment; they are a great marketing tool. Building your brand requires tenacity and creativity, which can both be utilized with YouTube’s brand channels. Don’t get left behind because video marketing on YouTube seems daunting. Create and load innovative videos to YouTube and see your brand take off.

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