How to Use ShipStation to Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

Published on June 30, 2022
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Running a warehouse is no easy task for most companies – it invites a range of potential risks that business owners should prepare for. Over and understocking inventory, complicated order fulfilment, lacklustre technology and tiresome manual processes are just a few failures that can severely impact warehouse production.

ShipStation’s automated technology helps make these issues a thing of the past. Warehouse logistics can be a beast to tackle, so ShipStation’s automated, easy-to-use software could be what your business needs to run an efficient warehouse.

Streamline warehouse inventory management 

Out-of-stock? Products misplaced or damaged in the warehouse? These are indicators of inventory chaos and disorganisation and are fundamental problems that ecommerce retailers should address quickly.

Mismanagement of stock levels can have a particularly damning impact on a business’s bottom line. Understocking can lead to unfulfilled orders, delayed deliveries, unsatisfied customers and stagnant sales numbers. In contrast, letting inventory numbers overinflate can be just as – if not more – damaging to business profitability. Defunct inventory, increased storage costs and troublesome warehouse organisation are just some surface-level issues triggered by rampant stock levels.

The trickle-down effects of a disorganised inventory are numerous, so figuring out where to start preventing them can be tricky. ShipStation’s software makes this simple with easy-to-implement, efficient inventory management features

Its bespoke software driven by a user-friendly interface helps operators keep a steady eye on warehouse stock flow, as well as the location of shifting inventory, thanks to automated updates.

Automate time-consuming processes

No one enjoys paper trails or printing off hundreds of labels by hand. Many warehouses still employ longwinded, manual processes that perpetuate inefficient workflows. For business continuity, it’s essential for warehouses to leverage advancing technology, like the above inventory management, to maximise efficiency and circumvent human errors.

ShipStation empowers users with seamless order processing and delivery label printing that streamlines the least cost-effective jobs. Keeping supportive technology running well is also pivotal in the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, and ShipStation’s team are always on hand to help

With our software, you can set up automated rules to cover a diverse range of inventory, order and delivery scenarios. Need to use a different courier depending on product weight? Easy, ShipStation can instantly update warehouses with the best services for your location determined by our rate calculator.

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Check out more automation rules in our help guide.

Order fulfilment shouldn’t be a concern for consumers 

Major retailers are still seeing increased online retail numbers despite disruptive world events, so the pressure on eCommerce businesses to meet lofty consumer expectations is still paramount. 

One of the most preeminent of these consumer expectations is the growing desire for seamless omnichannel experiences, which requires retailers to have complete oversight of their product availability within warehouses, as well as the means to move sold inventory into customers’ hands. 

The warehouse phase of the supply chain can easily disrupt successful order fulfilment. With ShipStation, you can cut the number of steps in your order fulfilment process by simplifying it with automated tools. Ensuring staff pick the correct products for orders, right down to the colour and size, is made significantly easier with ShipStation software that automatically alerts pickers.

Fix your warehouse operations to make shipping easier

ShipStation is dedicated to ensuring your business can ship from all channels, and this starts with evolving your warehouse efficiency through supportive, adaptive technology and a comprehensive knowledge hub. 

Find out how ShipStation can supercharge your business. Sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

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