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Published on January 4, 2022
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Metacake is a full-service eCommerce growth team based out of Franklin, Tennessee founded by Bob Strachan and Kenneth Ott. Metacake partners closely with their clients to achieve success and create visually-stunning eCommerce experiences that are designed to sell. Metacake helps their clients grow their eCommerce businesses through data-driven and customer-focused design and marketing. For live stores, their experienced team helps to grow customer lifetime value and overall revenue through deep analytics, conversion rate optimization, customer acquisition, and customer engagement. They’ve been able to help grow some of the best brands in the world including brands such as: Walmart, Lenox, Macy’s, Nike, Ford, Singtel, The Pioneer Woman, Dr. Axe, Groove Rings, Lolli & Pops, Elvis Presley Enterprises and more!

Metacake Features we Support:

eCommerce Growth Strategy:
We all know that tactics without a plan will never achieve an end goal. Our team has years of experience working with some of the biggest global brands to achieve their business goals. Metacake will work with you to define the business goals for your eCommerce store, and then develop the plan and tactics needed in order to achieve those goals.

Brand Development and Storytelling:
They believe that if you can create an emotional connection between your brand and a potential customer you will be much more successful winning that customer. They help weave your unique brand story throughout your store experience in order to achieve an emotional connection that sticks.

Store Design & Development:
They are obsessive about creating great store experiences that convert. They design and build custom stores on Shopify Plus from the ground up as well as work with existing stores to improve their design and overall user experience all with an eye towards conversions.

3rd Party Integrations:
We know that your eCommerce store needs to speak with the rest of your business and systems. Their team is experienced in assessing and recommending systems that work best with current enterprise needs including 3rd party apps and systems, as well as guiding and implementing custom solutions that make various business systems talk to each other.

Paid Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation:
Attracting and acquiring the right visitors across various paid digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google display, Google Shopping, Bing, etc.) is a core component in achieving growth. The strategy in which all of these channels work together including assessing the ROI and actual ROAS (return on ad spend) is also crucial in having a successful strategy, and something their team is extremely passionate about.

Conversion Rate Optimization:
While driving quality traffic is one component of driving growth, the second is making sure that site visitors are converting and that the conversion rate is constantly growing. They say that unless your store has a 100% conversion rate then there is room to optimize, and optimization is one of the core essentials in a winning growth strategy. 

Email/Content Marketing Strategy & Implementation:
The 3rd basic component in a winning traffic strategy is engaging current customers and past site visitors- email & content marketing is at the center of that strategy. Developing a central promotions and release calendar, email sequences for various actions, and top of the funnel quality content are some of the main items that we work to create in a winning engagement strategy.

Specializing in Shopify Plus implementations, Metacake works seamlessly with ShipStation to integrate beautiful customer-focused eCommerce experiences with ShipStation’s leading shipping and fulfillment platform. Together, Metacake and ShipStation create end-to-end eCommerce success.

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