More Channels, More Sales: Introducing Unlimited Selling Channels

Published on January 4, 2022
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There’s a reason “the more, the merrier” has been a proverb since the 1500s. It’s a philosophy ShipStation’s embraced: with well over 60 selling channels, we wanted to be sure all your options were covered. It’s why we’re constantly adding new ones, like Amazon Mexico and Big Cartel most recently.

We’re taking this idea to its logical conclusion: Unlimited Selling Channels for every ShipStation plan level at NO extra cost to you.

In case you were busy picking your jaw up off the floor, we’ll repeat that: you can have as many selling channels connected to your ShipStation account as you want. For no extra charge.

Been thinking of opening up an eBay store? Do it. How about expanding onto Amazon? Sure! Launching a crowdfunding campaign with Celery or wanting to try WooCommerce? Add them to ShipStation at no extra charge.

What compelled us to do this? Great question! It was simply our data and research.

On average, sellers with 2 channels have over 2x the amount of orders as a seller with 1—sellers with 4 channels have nearly 8x the orders!

More selling channels means more exposure for your business means more traffic means more sales. We’ve written about this a few times just this year. In one blog, we discussed how to get started on 3 of the more popular selling channels and in another, we brought up why you should add more before the holiday season. We aren’t the only ones talking about this, either; our partner, Stitch Labs, has excellent data on the benefits of multi-channel selling.

With the holiday season bearing down, there has genuinely never been a better time to expand where you sell. Beyond just adding more, get bold and go international. This is another one we’ve talked about for a while, offering tips on getting started and provided insight from an eBay Power Seller..

We want you to do as well as you possibly can. Unlimited selling channels allows you to expand at your leisure, into untapped areas (international) and across platforms (Amazon, eBay, etc.). We’ll be here, ready and waiting to help you expand and get more ship done than you ever have before.

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I'm Joey, ShipStation's Content & Social Media Coordinator. I spent over a year on ShipStation's Support team which has given me great insight into our product and our customers. Outside of work, you'll find me writing, getting into one of Austin's great microbrews, or relaxing on a trail with my mutt.

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