bulk tracking feature

Track Multiple Shipments Easily with Bulk Tracking

May 1, 2012


ShipStation is constantly adding new features to make your shipping process easier. Today, we’re sharing one of ShipStation’s latest features:  Bulk Tracking.

This feature allows you to select a list of orders from the Shipments page, click the “Track Shipments” button and track multiple shipments for USPS, UPS and FedEx all in once place!


Now, each shipment will be updated with an icon indicating its current status. Hovering over the tracking status icon allows you to view detailed information:


You can also filter your shipments by tracking status. This will help you to identify any problems in shipping before the customer reaches out to you.

One additional benefit of Bulk Tracking is to be able to identify Express Overnight shipments that have not been delivered by the guaranteed date and time. You are entitled to a full refund of the postage cost when this happens.

Your free 30 day trial of ShipStation will give you full access to all our features. Simplify your shipping process today!