Shipping Basics
How Do I Calculate Shipping Costs and Charge Customers?

Learning what to charge for shipping and how to calculate shipping costs helps you become a better ecommerce merchant.

Green Shipping Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials Shipping Basics
3 Ways Your Business Can Try Green Shipping with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Your online business can implement these green shipping best practices with eco-friendly packaging to help reduce the environmental impact of ecommerce.

Carrier Rates, Shipping News
USPS Media Mail Rate Increase on August 29, 2021

NOTE: The USPS raised the price of Media Mail by an average of 12.1% in January of 2022. For more information head to our updated 2022 Media Mail Rates Guide. While the new year brings the usual annual USPS rate increase, there can occasionally be additional rate increases that happen throughout the year. USPS’s financial […]

Carrier Rates
The Cheapest Ways to Ship to the US from Canada

The US is Canada’s largest trade partner by a wide margin. Canada exchanges over $500 billion in goods with the US each year. Because of this close relationship, shipping from Canada to the US is not particularly difficult. So, basically, if you properly document your contents, and don’t ship banned items, you should be fine. […]

Person using sustainable packaging for small business. Shipping News
Sustainable Packaging Options for Small Businesses

As more businesses become environmentally conscious, it’s important to know sustainable packaging options. Learn more about them from our partner, Sendle.

Selling Channels
How to Improve the Online Checkout Experience to Win Loyal Customers

Guest post from our partner, Linnworks. Take control of online selling with Linnworks Total Commerce platform. Linnworks helps you grow, automate and control your business, meeting customers exactly where they are and capturing every revenue opportunity. The cloud-based software seamlessly connects and automates all of the processes related to multichannel selling, allowing businesses to manage […]

Shipping Basics
How to Navigate the Returns Process

The retail landscape changed dramatically in 2020. One major consequence of the pandemic was a huge upsurge in online shopping, which shows little sign of slowing even as UK lockdown measures start to ease. And as more people have turned to home delivery than ever, it’s not surprising that returns are on the rise, too. […]


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