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How the Amazon SP-API Update Impacts Merchants 

The way many apps communicate to each other is through API (Application Programming Interface) integrations. API integrations send and receive data between apps, websites, servers, etc. For instance, when your Amazon orders import into ShipStation, this is done through an API integration. It is how the order data is automatically sent to ShipStation from Amazon. […]

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Shipping to US Territories: Puerto Rico, Guam, and More

Shipping to territories can be complicated, let us remove the guesswork!

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The Smell of Success: The Burlap Bag Burns Bright with ShipStation

When The Burlap Bag opened as a quirky, brick-and-mortar retail shop in Austin, TX, owners Lauren and Josiah Lowe had no idea that the brand’s true success would lie in ecommerce. The couple opened the shop with the intention of peddling local fare from artisans in the Austin area and decided to throw their own […]

6 Ways to Make Amazon Prime Day Simpler and More Affordable

Amazon Prime Day is a great way to get your products in front of a larger audience. And this year there will be a second Prime Day! It can be a great advertising tool, and while profit margins can be thin, it’s a lot more affordable than other marketing efforts. The drawback, though, is that […]

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Shipping Discounts for USPS, FedEx, UPS, and more

Save the most money on shipping by leveraging carriers, how much you ship, and what software you use. Our tips are inside.

Best thermal label printers for shipping labels Shipping Basics
Recommended Thermal Label Printers For Printing Shipping Labels

ShipStation is all about efficiency. Which comes in handy as the holiday rush ramps up. This is the time of year to make order fulfillment as streamlined as possible. And one way to fulfill orders even more effortlessly is to invest in a shipping label printer such as a thermal label printer. If you are looking for a recommendation on a […]

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The Cheapest Way to Ship to Canada in 2022

Finding the cheapest way to ship to Canada is important for any growing business. Whether you ship to Canada with UPS, FedEx, or USPS, there are many affordable options depending on what you’re selling and how much your orders weigh. This blog will help you find options for cheapest shipping to Canada. Why Canadian Shoppers […]

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USPS First Class vs Priority Mail

The two most common USPS services a merchant uses to ship with are First Class and Priority Mail. Generally, the deciding factor in making a decision in First Class vs Priority Mail comes down to weight. If a parcel weighs less than 16 ounces, it makes the most sense to use First Class Mail. However, […]

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The Cheapest International Shipping Services

Finding the cheapest international shipping method can be difficult because of the number of great services available. Some will work better for some packages in certain situations than others. So, while something like USPS First Class Mail International will generally win the title of cheapest international shipping rate that doesn’t make it the best fit. Learning […]

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Cheapest Way to Ship a Package in 2022

Shipping can be expensive. In this guide, we offer tips & solutions that show you how to save money on shipping, order fulfillment, & packaging.

Get Ship Done Podcast Episode 3: Pride Socks: The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Pride Socks founder Rachel Smith is as passionate about living an authentic life as she is about the perfect tube sock. When she started Pride Socks in 2011, Rachel’s goal was to form a brand that would celebrate the uniqueness of people as well as capture a sense of pride. For Pride Month 2022, it […]

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Media Mail Shipping Rates for 2022

USPS Media Mail is the preferred way to ship books, records, and movies. There are some exceptions to what can be shipped with Media Mail. However, we will get into that later. It’s a good thing that shipping Media Mail is affordable because the contents within can be fragile and need extra care and packaging […]


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