A Letter from CPO Alexander Stevenson: Product Innovation, Delivered.

Published on July 9, 2024
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An Open Letter from Alexander Stevenson, Chief Product Officer at Auctane. ShipStation is powered by Auctane, a global delivery experience company.

To our ShipStation Community,

ShipStation is one of the most powerful shipping softwares on the market, with an incredible community of over 100,000 businesses that use it daily to simplify getting orders to doorsteps. Our success stems from an essential truth of online commerce: managing shipping can be daunting, and this challenge is more pressing today than ever. Shipping is no longer just about moving products from point A to B; now, businesses are under pressure to use shipping as a tool to create stand-out customer experiences, build their reputation, and foster loyalty. For over a decade, ShipStation has been at the forefront of helping businesses achieve these goals, and as demands evolve, we are committed to continually advancing our solutions.

Since joining ShipStation this past year, I’ve been focused on listening to you, our customers, and implementing your feedback – and there has been a lot of it! I’ve been thrilled with the passion of this community, and it’s evident that our software is crucial to your businesses. It’s also clear that there are more ways we can help, both by enhancing our current solutions and addressing new challenges. We have a solid foundation, but it’s through our collective efforts that we’ll achieve our mission: to optimize your shipping operations and free up your resources to drive innovation in other areas of your business. 

What’s New

I’m excited to introduce the first set of features we developed in response to feedback from you and thousands of other customers:

  1. Inventory Sync: You can’t ship an order if you’re out of stock, making accurate inventory counts critical. Until now, it’s been hard to keep those counts up to date across your selling channels. Our new Inventory Sync does just that, so you can speed up order routing, picking, and packing, while eliminating unexpected backorders.
  2. Add-On Marketplace: Unique businesses need bespoke solutions, so we’re making ShipStation more configurable than ever. With the Add-On Marketplace, you can now add 3PL integrations, Cubiscan, Dropshipping support, and more to your ShipStation experience. Simply select the features your business needs in the Add On Marketplace to customize your platform and level up your fulfillment. We’re excited to launch several of these now, with more to come.
  3. Deliver By Date: Meeting delivery expectations is critical for maintaining customer trust, but you can’t meet a date you don’t know about. Our Deliver By Date feature carries through critical date information to your order screen, so you can meet customers’ expectations and marketplace requirements. Our partnerships and APIs provide delivery times with high accuracy, directly from carriers. This is critical to meeting the compliance requirements of programs like Shopify’s “Shop Promise” and Amazon Prime.
  4. Import Harmonization Codes: Cross-border shipping compliance just got easier. Now, you can import Harmonization Codes directly from Shopify, eBay, and BigCommerce, ensuring your packages don’t get stuck in customs. This automation saves time, reduces costly errors, and keeps you compliant with new regulations.
  5. Checkout Rates: You can now control the shipping services and rates displayed to your customers at online checkout on platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce, and Wix. This empowers end customers with a clear and transparent view of their delivery options, fostering trust and potentially leading to higher conversion rates.

We’re also expanding GlobalPost as a carrier for international shipping in the UK, Australia, and Canada, adding a robust Professional Services offering for shipping and logistics guidance that produces long-term success, and more. Click here to see everything we’ve launched so far this year, and trust that much more is on the way.

Looking Ahead

Thank you for choosing ShipStation to be a part of your business journey and for being a part of ours. As we look ahead to the rest of 2024 and beyond, your feedback is invaluable. We’re committed to listening and innovating together to ensure ShipStation remains the best platform for your success.


Alexander Stevenson
Chief Product Officer

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Alexander Stevenson

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