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Published on January 4, 2022
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We are ecstatic to announce our newest partnership with Redline Minds! Co-founded in 2016 by eCommerce veterans Lori Appleman and Dante Battaglia. Headquartered in Austin, Tx,  Redline Minds is a full-service eCommerce development and marketing firm. They specialize in BigCommerce, Magento, and WordPress builds. With over a decade of experience, Redline Minds can transform your eCommerce presence.
Some of their key services and attributes include:
  • eCommerce Pioneers: Their founders have been building and growing stores for more than 14 years. They know what works, what is necessary, what’s nice to have, and just as importantly, what you should skip. Their technology and strategic marketing plans reflect this experience. This allows your money to work more effectively so your company grows faster while remaining capable of scaling up as you grow.
  • They are Marketers AND Developers: There are many brilliant designers and programmers out there. Very few deeply understand the customer’s journey and the details that increase your conversion rate. Their stores are built to convert site visitors into buyers.
  • DYI Marketing & Technology Support: Is your budget tight? Do you already have a marketing team in place that would benefit from the guidance of experienced professionals? Their Virtual eCommerce Director plan is your partner for strategy. They help you develop, process, and analyze your business so it grows more effectively while maintaining cost controls.
  • Full Service Development & Online Marketing:  They can support it all. Whether it’s development, custom application development and integration, or multi-channel sales.
  • Focus on Efficiency: They understand there’s a limit to your cash and time resources. They will help you plan your technology and marketing for faster sales and profit growth so you can reinvest in your store’s growth.
  • Transparency and Responsiveness: Much of what they do may look like magic but they believe in answering your questions and keeping you informed of what they are doing, as well as why. They respond to your inquiries quickly; often the same day. If they’re managing your marketing, you’ll know where in the funnel your campaigns are designed to draw traffic, as well as how they are doing.
  • Attention to Detail: It is so easy to install software and leave you hanging to figure out how to use it, add your logo, format your forms and emails, etc. Unfortunately, that doesn’t position your store to do business effectively. One of their core principals is that they help their customers be successful. Using expertise to get it right the first time is key to success.

Their focus on BigCommerce builds and creating websites that perform couldn’t be a better fit for ShipStationWith an extensive list of services and the track record to back it up, it’s no surprise why ShipStation is so thrilled to partner with Redline Minds. If you’re looking for a low-cost build with “big store” features, Redline Minds is the right fit for you. Learn more about ShipStations partnership with Redline Minds and click the link below to start your free ShipStation trial!

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