Return Like A Jedi: Process Returns with ShipStation

March 20, 2017

Some e-commerce merchants find the idea of returns super annoying. Oftentimes, the biggest concerns are:

  1. It’s complicated
  2. It’s expensive
  3. I don’t have time to figure out all the details

Well, here’s some data about returns that you might not know (and absolutely should):

You need a good returns policy to be competitive.

49% of online retailers offer free return shipping (consider restructuring your pricing to include this fee; data suggests you might see a boost in sales and become more competitive in your market).

Simple returns can actually help you improve your business.

People don’t just return things without care; after all, it takes extra effort from them to return anything. The top reasons for returns are:

  1. Receiving a damaged product
  2. The product not looking like it did online
  3. Receiving the wrong item
  4. Something is wrong with the product.

Here’s what you can learn from this that can save you time and money, while also increasing sales and brand loyalty:

  • If you get consistent reports of damaged products you may need to re-evaluate your shipping method for that specific product.
  • If you find out that customers are returning products because they don’t think they look like what they saw online, then you need to invest in new product photos.
  • If you’re receiving a lot of “wrong item” notices then you should take a look at your fulfillment process and fix your shipping workflow.
  • If you are receiving multiple reports of there being something wrong with a product, you should evaluate your manufacturing process—this can save you a lot of money down the road, along with your brand.

A good Returns Policy can actually increase your sales.

It’s amazing that 92% of consumers will buy something again if the returns process is easy. 79% of consumers want free shipping. 67% of shoppers check the returns page before making a purchase. Nearly half of online shoppers want an easy to print return label. This means if you don’t have a clear returns page, you could be missing out on more than half of your buyers.

Luckily, ShipStation now offers an enhanced returns feature allowing you to do everything that online shoppers designate important to them—all while making it extremely easy on you.

Get a high level view of what is happening with your returns in a brand new Returned Products report. This report allows you to easily find patterns in product return reasons so you can fix issues with manufacturing, product photos, fulfillment workflows, and shipping methods before they become a big financial, time, and brand problem for your business.


Want to get started? Issue your RMAs like you usually would – by going to your shipped orders or shipments and locating the order that needs an RMA issued. This time, you will see a new flow that will allow you to select products and return reasons, as well as how you want the label distributed (email label as an attachment or simply download the label immediately). You can also access all of return reasons data collected over time from the reports section, and review at any point what is happening with your returns – which products are returned and why.

Deliver a customer branded unboxing experience with ShipStation the best online shipping platform for your ecommerce business.