5 Takeaways from Rewind’s Ecommerce During COVID-19 Ebook

July 30, 2020

Rewind, with the help of ShipStation, BigCommerce, Privy, and Shogun, has put together an ebook for adapting and surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of these companies has a unique perspective on how their companies have helped ecommerce merchants through these new challenges. From creating better customer experiences to broadening where you sell to better shipping practices, you can weather the storm and keep going strong once everything has calmed. Below are some of the key points the ebook touches on.

1. Communication is Key

When you’re pivoting more to ecommerce, it can be surprising that the customer experience is a lot more like shopping in person than you may realize. Customers, even the ones that place orders without asking questions, need to know that their items are in stock and when to expect their shipment to ship out and reach their doorstep. By using the right tools and including all pertinent information, you can reduce customer inquiries and set proper expectations. Customers understand that there will be delays right now, so let them know early on. 

2. Grow Your International Approach

From localizing your website to different countries to using local currency, there are plenty of ways that you can make customers feel at home shopping from your website. Another way to break into new international markets is to sell on local marketplaces such as a country’s Amazon marketplace. This lets you get your product and brand name out there before you spend a lot of resources localizing your website.

3. Optimize Your Product Listings

No one can deny the buying power that holding an item gives. During COVID-19, you have to let your product descriptions and photographs fill in for a tactile experience. Finding ways to create a meaningful shopping experience online is contingent on selling the experience to potential buyers. Creating mobile-friendly pages that engage users is important, too. You want to cater to your customers; however they shop.

4. Shipping Builds Loyalty

Shipping is more than the last step in the buyer’s journey. Creating a good shipping experience is a great and easy way to build long-term customers. Not only does shipping account for the largest portion of what makes shoppers return to a store (80%), getting it right saves time and money. COVID-19 has certainly impacted shipping times, but customers are largely understanding of this. So, finding ways to reduce the time it takes to get packages out the door and sending that shipping confirmation email are great ways to highlight your business’s strengths. Whether you are shipping out of a garage or a giant warehouse, getting shipping right can make you look just as organized as the biggest companies. 

5. Be Secure and Organized

Between security concerns and human error, ecommerce can be challenging to set up properly. Creating an organized and secure website may not be the most glamorous or marketable feature, but a problem that never exists is the best type of problem. By using popular and recognizable payment processors that run quickly and smoothly does, however, lead to more positive reviews. Finding ways to minimize errors creates a more seamless buying experience that only increases your brand recognition. 

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Following the practices outlined above gets you on the right path for transitioning to ecommerce. In March, it felt like COVID was going to be a temporary bump in the road. However, it is becoming clearer that even truer than it’s been in the past: “There’s no better time than now to make the jump to ecommerce.” There is certainly a lot to sort through, but the sooner you are up and running online, the sooner you can start making more profits.

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