Santa Claus Delivery Service for the Holidays

December 20, 2018
ShipStation Santa Claus Holiday Shipping

First of all, we want to wish you happy holidays from ShipStation! While children are eagerly awaiting gifts to be put under the tree, your business might be wondering what the magical secret is to deliver gifts on time for Christmas.

So, we reached out to Santa Claus, who uses ShipStation for his own workshop. We wanted to find out how he manages to deliver cheer by dropping off billions of gifts all in one night. He shared with us a poem on how a small business could magically transform this holiday season.

Announcing Partnership With Santa Claus Delivery Services

Up until recently, the jolly ole Saint Nick ran a private gift delivery service for generations of parents across the globe. After some talks in the North Pole, ShipStation is excited to announce our partnership with the Santa Claus delivery service. So, your business now has access to the world’s premium expedited delivery services in ShipStation!

Service Features and Benefits

Santa Claus Delivery now offers their services to households and small businesses. Certainly, there’s still quite a bit of magic involved, but here’s where the partnership with ShipStation might bring you some holiday cheer.

  • Letters to Santa and Wish List Management
    • Read data from wish lists with Natural Language Processing
    • Automation rules block requests from children on the naughty list
    • Address verification system corrects any messy handwriting
  • Holiday Fulfillment and Logistics Services
    • Christmas Eve Overnight® expedited delivery service on December 24
    • Has delivered billions of parcels for hundreds of years, increasing 350% YoY
    • ELVES (Enterprise of Logistical Vehicles for Efficient Shipping), a global multi-carrier network of planes and trucks disguised as UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express
  • Manufacturing and Whitelabeling services
    • Presents from Santa and parents with different branding and packaging
    • Can create custom gifts in his on-site workshop

The Santa Claus Delivery + ShipStation partnership helps make sure that customers get their packages on time for the holidays. If you’ve recently used his services for your business, you can track Santa Claus deliveries here.

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