ShipStation Expands Services Across the Pond with DHL

Published on January 4, 2022
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Bit by bit, carrier by carrier, ShipStation is helping eCommerce businesses in the United Kingdom get more ship done than ever before. Now, our UK users can connect their DHL accounts to ShipStation—allowing them to ship to customers in-country and around the world, using ShipStation’s best-in-class software and DHL’s delivery service.

The UK eCommerce market is one of the top markets for online retailing. According to Ecommerce News – Europe, the UK online retail industry is expected to grow by 10.5 percent this year to reach 173.7 billion euros.

ShipStation’s presence in the UK is also growing. With the integration of DHL, ShipStation’s UK customers will have access to the following DHL features:

  • Labels printed using negotiated DHL rates within ShipStation
  • Free electronic signature on every package
  • Carrier insurance
  • Automatically-generated customs documentation
  • Discounts for Multi-package Shipping
  • Third-Party Billing for shipping charges

“This partnership with DHL continues to expand our breadth of offerings in the UK,” says ShipStation’s VP of Marketing, Robert Gilbreath. “Our UK customers are very important, and we look forward to helping them even more with their order shipping and fulfillment.”

ShipStation is committed to making international shipping more accessible for all our users. In addition to this integration, we’ve also recently introduced international address verification, allowing users in Canada, Australia, and the UK to verify addresses when they ship in and out of the country. Plus, with metric weights available in our free mobile app (available on iOS, Android, & iOS tablets), getting ship done no matter where you are has never been easier.

Making sure our UK users have all the tools they need to efficiently ship has been our goal since ShipStation landed in the UK. With our latest integration, we take a big step forward for UK eCommerce.


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